Address: Diagonal to Restaurant Le Chandelier, San Pedro, Montes de Oca, San José

Phone: (506) 2253-2130

Postal Code: 236-1002, Paseo de los Estudiantes

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Corporate Volunteering Program

Activities supported by corporate social responsibility programs of organizations collaborate with the conservation and beautification of green spaces in the Greater Metropolitan Area developing in collaborators the sensitivity for the care of natural resources.
River cleaning, solid waste collection, signage and tree planting are carried out.  



Environmental workshops

With the goal of making environmental leaders we work hand-in-hand of our businesses and organizations to share with their co-workers knowledge and experiences that strengthen their environmental awareness.
Through training activities, participatory, and experiential, we seek to build and strengthen new concepts together with partners from the business, so that they can be agents of change and strong advocates for sustainability policies from their respective fields. 
The themes seek to raise awareness among the population about the impact of our daily activities on the environment, their consequences and how to reduce that impact.

- Fingerprint + Sustainability
- The Sum of the Parts
- Reducing planets
- Solid waste management


These themes are developed in the format of talk or workshop, depending on the time available, however, we seek to be participatory and playful for a better use of it. In this way we can develop the content in other environmental issues, according to their interest.